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I have never seen the process of being a leader explained more articulately or entertainingly than by Steve Bedwell.

Knox Singleton, CEO, Inova

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The Blueprint: A Psychological Framework For Leadership Success

As business and healthcare leaders, every initiative you implement comes packaged with significant problems to solve, tough decisions to make, and frustrating (and inevitable) setbacks. And so, during this leadership program, I outline a psychological blueprint for thinking clearly and letting go of toxic emotions so you can make the organizational changes that you want, or need, to make. (Evidence based tactics – drawn from social psychology, behavioral economics and neuroscience – that you can put to work immediately; powerful and time-efficient.)

Learn how to run your points of view through a handful of self-administered reality-checks; a systematic and science-smart approach to problem-solving and emotional intelligence. (Regardless of who or what is pummeling your hot buttons, you can think straight and act decisively.)
Use my blueprint to integrate the ideas of your industry’s experts. (You’ll receive greater ROI for all the other professional development training you’ve already provided over the years. And your leadership won’t be left with a bunch of notes that they never read again.)
Cascade my tactics throughout your organization; build leadership traits across your teams, embed yourself in a culture of success and leave a lasting legacy.

Steve, we have utilized your “What am I missing?” and “What am I making up?” questions on an (almost) daily basis.

Mark Provan, Regional Branch Administrator, Sutter Health

Your ideas have traveled around SAP like wildfire.

Steve Moore, VP Solution Engineering, SAP

The Right Leadership Speaker For Your Audience?
Audience Laughing

During my leadership programs, I confront taken-for-granted myths head on. My keynotes and workshops are packed with interactive demonstrations designed to tickle your leaders’ funny bones, so that I can also rub some raw nerves.

Using a couple of back-of-a-napkin sketches, I’ll take the mystery out of problem solving and emotional intelligence, and explain straight-to-the-point (do this…then that) tactics designed to skyrocket your organization’s efficiency and effectiveness.

Steve’s results are terrific! I would be happy to recommend him to my colleagues in other divisions of the American Hospital Association.

Laura Woodburn, Health Forum, American Hospital Association

An Opportunity: Give Me A Call (+1 972 352 6622)

I know you’re looking for a leadership speaker. And, while I would willingly pit my leadership programs against any other speaker you’re considering, for now I want to give you a very different opportunity…

Put my strategies to the test: Give me a call (+1 972 352 6622) and tell me about your leadership challenges…I’ll apply my strategies to them, in real time, over the telephone. Feel free to pulverize me with questions until I provide some insights into your challenges that you didn’t have before calling. Go on…Give it your best shot!

And then, if you want, you can tell me about your theme and objectives for your upcoming meeting. If I think my speaking style and topic suits your needs, I’ll tell you. And, if I don’t, I’ll tell you. No sales pressure at all…Ever! And, either way, we’ll part friends.

I won’t ask you to make any decisions. Don’t decide…just pick up the phone and dial (+1 972-352-6622). It will take less than five minutes of your time. (Less time than it’s taken you to read this page.)

I look forward to your call: +1 972 352 6622…

Steve Bedwell – Leadership Speaker