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As a keynote speaker, I teach business and healthcare professionals how to surf the tidal wave of change.

During my keynote speeches I explain a scientific, perspective-based approach for solving “impossible” problems and managing toxic emotions so your healthcare leaders can inspire unflinching action towards high-priority goals.

And, as a medical doctor, I laser in on the brain region that undermines change (the Limbic system) and wrestle it to its knees.

During my keynote speech, I'll teach your leaders how to take the toughest problems they have and run them through a quick and easy set of self-administered reality checks…Shattering their psychological blind spots so they can nail high-priority objectives; bang, bang, bang.

What’s more, each and every one of my keynote speeches is jam-packed with wildly visual, “rivet your eyeballs to the stage” demonstrations. (I even swallow a four foot balloon to prove a vital point!)

What’s more, I don’t just describe these success principles. Every one of my motivational speeches is chock-a-block with crowd-involving demonstrations. As a result, your healthcare leadership will feel the raw power of a novel viewpoint for themselves. But, it’s not just a riot of fun...

Here’s A Quick Taste Of What Your Leadership Will Learn…

  • The essential fact of life you must understand if you are ever to achieve your true leadership potential. (When you harness this crucial “x-factor,” your healthcare team will rave about your motivation skills.)
  • How to quickly and easily answer the Two Questions that stand between you, greater efficiency and improved quality. (Get a better return on your skill set, by changing your mindset.)
  • Find super-practical, rock-solid solutions to your toughest problems so you can overcome setbacks and achieve your high level objectives. (Right now you’re trying to solve problems as if the vital clues beyond the edge of your current perspective don’t exist.)
  • Encourage terrific working relationships with your staff, manage workplace conflict and establish a work environment conducive to excellence. (Get rid of your people problems without getting rid of your people.)
  • How to harness all three sides of the Quality Triangle. (A simple way to boost your effectiveness as a healthcare leader.)

Your corporate leaders will leave my motivational speech with an industrial-strength strategic blueprint for wielding an ace-in-the-hole advantage and ready to leave your competition in the dust.

Your body language demonstration is a wonderful way to teach our staff how to be more sensitive to the emotional needs of our patients.

Pamela Leach, Regional Executive Director
Shady Grove Fertility RSC

Here's The Bottom Line...

As you know hiring a keynote leadership speaker can be a real challenge. And, if the motivational keynote speaker you book fails to deliver, the negative vibe will echo throughout the rest of your meeting.

And My Offer To You...

If you’re looking to book a keynote speaker who will transform your healthcare meeting and make you look like a rock star, I can help. Call me (972) 352 6622

I won’t waste a second of your valuable time. (Frankly, I don't want to waste my own time.) I will invite you to tell me very briefly about the theme and objectives of your event and about your attendees. This will take less than 5 minutes.

Then, if I think my speaking style and topic suits your needs I'll tell you. And if I don't, I'll tell you. (No sales pressure at all…Ever!) And, either way I'll do my level best to help you find the perfect business motivational speaker for your event. So, pick up the phone and give me a call…

What do you have to lose?

Except any excuse for organizing a dull meeting…


Dr. Steve Bedwell - Keynote Speaker

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